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WHO IS THE AUTHOR OF THIS BLOG?  In case you wanted to know.

I am a Christian from Virginia, in the United States.  I believe that as followers of Christ, we are called to be peacemakers and to be ministers of reconciliation with everyone.  My Christian views have been shaped through some life experience, but mostly through the teaching of the Mennonite Church, the denomination to whom I belong.  The Mennonite Church is known as one of the “Historic Peace Churches”, Christian churches that believe that the call of Christ and the New Testament to show love to all and to live at peace with everyone are not only to be taken seriously in thought, but to be lived. 

For more information on the Mennonite Church USA denomination, you can go to .  For more information on the Mennonite Conference to which I belong, you are invited to go to . At one time, I worked for Mennonite Central Committee; the relief, development, and peacemaking arm of the Mennonite Church. More information can be accessed about this organization at .

By day, I work as an environmental scientist.  My family includes my wonderful singing wife and two teenage sons. 

I provide this information only because some may wonder who is behind this.  This blog is not supported by any other organization.  It is my desire that this website be dedicated to God, that God will be glorified through the conversations and the friendships that are developed here. 

Blessings and Peace, David Powell


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