What if 1000s of regular citizens of the United States and Iran were to begin discussions by email about how each of us can work together for peace between our countries? What if this included 1000s of Christians and 1000s of Muslims sharing about ways in which their faiths encourage peace, and learning from each other? Could this eventually lead to better relations between our two countries? Yes, I believe so!

The Iran/U.S. E-Pals program was begun nearly two years ago as a program to match Christians in the U.S. with Muslims in Iran, to allow persons from both countries to learn more about each other and to each do their part in a very personal way to work toward world peace. We can all be ambassadors for our countries. 

This blog now allows persons an opportunity to enter into group discussions.  

If you have come to this page and do not have an E-Pal, and would now like to be matched with someone for discussion, please contact me by leaving a message in the comments below.

Blessings and Peace, David Powell


2 Responses to E-Pals

  1. Mohamad says:

    I am Mohamad from Iran
    I received this page’s link from one of my friends.
    I am a student at the university and am majoring in Islamic religious law & business administration in Tehran
    I’m so glad to share my experiences about Islam and learn about other religions to build the better world.
    Here is my facebook addres:
    My email:

  2. navid says:

    my name is navid, i was read your post’s in one of the persian blog .
    i live in iran , i like to be friend by american liberal citizen for talk in religion and life way or maybe about another things

    my E-Mail ; Navid-abbaszade@hotmail.com

    my Persian blog ; handwritten-success.blogsky.com

    my English blog ; handwritten-success.blog.co.uk

    im waiting ..
    thanks regard

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