What Iranians want Americans to know.

Submitted on 2011/01/30 at 2:06 pm
“What would you in Iran most like those of us in North America to understand about your country and your people?”

What I say is not an expectation; It is just a prayer, a hope and a will which cannot be realized by me or by you or by a certain nation alone or by the heart which is at the service of the mass media.
At the least, never let prejudices make you volunteers for being deceived. Borders are designed by powers and conquerors in order to satisfy their own desires. Hearts are never confined within geographical limits. There are always pressures which bury any voices of virtues, justice, benevolences, transcendence, peace and unity in the bosom of any cry. Who are the owners of our minds, our beliefs and our honesty?! Who can be at all, except the Almighty God who bestowed us a reason as an eye to see the way, a heart as an unbounded land to accept all, an affection to moderate our judgements about others and a will to grow ourselves. Certainly, the first enemy for such dignity is prejudice and the second are those who want us to be such a creation that they prefer.
Our holy book, the Qoran, teaches us that God bestowed hearts to humans in order to understand by it and also to warn us that encurring even a wrong conjecture about others is regarded as a big sin and advises us that although in some cases one may have the right to punish another one in revenge for a bad deed, to forgive is much better. It also informs us that there are always two sorts of people: first, those like prophets such as Abraham, Jesus and Mohammad, who can be perfect examples for any honest man and secondly,there are always some who just think of their own satanic and carnal benefits. Admittedly, those with satanic intention (often with a deceptive face) are always planning for deceiving the public by promising them a better future and threatening them of enemies that just they themselves know them.
No nation can reach at the treasure of growth, unless it finds what is in the hearts of other nations. It cannot be made possible by killing others or making them deprived or compelling them to submit themselves. Hearts respond to hearts and punches responds to punches.
Everything is better when we are sharing with others in the way of beneficence and are not just living for ourselves. If a group misjudges about another one, it does not mean that the victim does not have the right to remain in their belief. If some are a minority, that does not mean they are small. Magnificence is in the virtues we are following or looking for.
I hope that we achieve a condition in which we are no longer a ladder to enable a conqueror to achieve their own hopes at the expense of our separation from God, from appreciating each other, from peace and from that which makes us better than what we are now. The universe has things beyond our own desires, power and riches. We have to be sure that the world is much, much bigger than what we have made of it in our small minds (to enjoy its advantages like carnalities, powers, wealth and self benefits).
The question is that whether everything is for making us more fat or for making us more intimate. Intimacy, peace and development, cannot be fired from a gun or be grown on the rocks of hostility. God is the just one deserving to be a criteria for any judge and behavior because it is the source of all benefactions, and we take pride in the fact that we want life, welfare and blessings for everybody. One of the hardest works in the world is to know the real friend from the real enemy. One who lives with us within a same room, is not necessarily our brother and some of those who give some bait may have a net for decoying.
Wherever a voice is raised, ears are needed to hear, not a hand to give a slap.
We believe that American officials are hostile to us because 1- we want to be independent and 2- we teach others to be independent.
What we should be is more important than what we are. We need to listen to others and make an effort to find new ways for getting more proximity in our virtues and not for deleting each other.

JE, Iran

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