What in the world is this Blog about?

This blog has been designed as a place for Muslims in Iran and Christians in North America to communicate openly and honestly about their lives and their beliefs, to learn from each other, and to build trust and promote peace between our peoples. That is the reason for the name of the site, with Shalom being the Christian word most often expressed for Peace and Salam being the Islamic word often used for Peace.

This idea has come from persons from both Iran and the United States who have already been communicating individually by email as E-Pals (Pen-Pals) for the last couple of years. They share a desire to find ways to continue to increase opportunities for communication and to develop understanding relationships. Anyone who shares this desire is invited to propose questions or register comments in the sections to the right.

You may start a discussion by asking any question or by providing any comments, or you may enter an on-going discussion by providing responses to the questions.

Note: This is intended to be a very safe place for discussions, where honesty is comfortable. Let us do our best to ensure that this continues, by being positive and affirming to others as often as possible.

Please come to this site often and participate! Together, we can all be ambassadors for peace in our world.

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One Response to What in the world is this Blog about?

  1. Saba says:

    it’s a very nice idea to creat such a blog so that people can share their ideas. I do hope that this relationship will stand the test of time.
    btw Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Christians out there. Wish you the best year you’ve ever had.

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